Small rooms

Beaufort and Clervaux, Echternach, Diekirch (separate)

Beaufort, Clervaux and Echternach


These rooms are perfect for small working groups.
The PARC HOTEL’s “Beaufort” and “Clervaux ” rooms are facing the forest (the “Grünewald”).
The “Echternach” room is quite flexible, as it may be combined with the Diekirch (64 sq m) and Fischbach rooms (99 sq m).


Room Length (m) Width (m) Floor area (sq m2)
Beaufort 3 8 24
Clervaux 3 8 24
Echternach 4.3 7.5 32

Additional information

Main features : free W-LAN • natural light
Capacity : 15-30 people
Examples : Seminar • Exhibition • Meeting
Options : Screen and video projector • Square desks

According to the importance of the festivity, the room for your private event (wedding, First Communion, any kind of company or office party) will be offered.

Price on request.