Your Menu & beverage !


Your Aperitif

We offer packages for your aperitif including: luxemburgish Crémant, orange juice, luxembourgish white wine and French red wine, luxembourgish draft beer, mineral water and snacks (Crisps, peanuts, choice of olives).

The Menu

We offer : Menus & Buffets starting 39.00 €/person

If you choose a menu or buffet starting 39€/person, the room rental will be free!


Included in the menu price:

  • The Menu or Buffet
  • The service
  • Room Layout and the choice between round or rectangular tables
  • Glasses, Cutlery, Dishware
  • White tablecloths
  • Dancefloor element
  • Wireless microphone
  • Background Music


Beverage :

We recommend beverage packages: Luxembourgish white wine, french red wine, Rosé wine, luxembourgish draft beer, Viva & Rosport bleu, Softs (Coca, Coca Light, Fanta et Sprite), Orange juice, Coffee & Tea


For Weddings, the honey moon room is free

As your Honey Moon room, we are pleased to offer you a room in the “Superior” category.