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Our commitment to the protection of personal data comes from our desire to communicate with the users of the website in a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. In particular, we make a point of honor to respect their freedom, their identity and their dignity.

The principles set out below represent the ethical values shared by the Alvisse Parc Hotel S.A and all of its employees and staff. They are applied in the whole of the treatments of personal data to which the Hotel proceeds:

Loyal collection

The storage of personal data of website users in our systems is subject to the clear desire of the users to entrust us with this data. We do not proceed in any case to their capture without having previously informed them.

Purpose of data processing: our personal data processing has clearly defined and clarified purposes.

Relevant and reasonable data: only strictly necessary data are collected, and we make every effort to make them as up-to-date as possible.

Prior information: to ensure full transparency when collecting user data, we communicate its purpose and the nature of the rights you have.

Limited storage period: personal data are not retained beyond what is necessary; the retention periods vary according to the nature of the data, the purpose of the processing, and the legal or regulatory requirements.

Controlling our subcontractors: some services or treatments can be outsourced. We pay particular attention to ensure that these subcontractors are able to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data we confide to them.


Our responsibility is to ensure that personal data are not subject to unwanted disclosure, also the access to personal data on all our systems is subject to strict conditions of implementation. We are committed to provide an optimal level of protection against loss, alteration, or any attempt to destroy or deflect it. Rights of persons: We implement the necessary devices and processes allowing users to exercise their rights of access, rectification or opposition.

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