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A: Throughout its establishment, the Parc Hotel applies the recommendations of the Luxembourg government health rules

B: Throughout its establishment, the Parc Hotel is applying the Horesca recommendations following the Covid-19 pandemic:


C: Additional rules for the event part

Throughout its establishment, the Parc Hotel applies the LEA recommendations concerning the rules for event activities.


  • The client and/or providers must ensure that the participants and/or collaborators are informed of the sanitary procedures in place in Luxembourg and will be respected.
  • Organize the reception of participants at different times or spaces for groups of more than 100 people.
  • Establish a detailed plan of the establishment of the room respecting 2m * 2m.
  • Space division by area.
  • Posting of the required health plan
  • Flow management and signaling traffic areas.
  • Provide different sanitary points.
  • Reminder of the physical distances to be respected (reception, WC, cloakroom, between the chairs, possibly marking on the ground when necessary, wall or safety posts).
  • Avoid paper and favor digital.
  • The buffets must be protected, respect 2m between people, the service will be done by a member of the hotel staff, avoid contact as much as possible.
  • No tray service.
  • If the distance rules are not respected, wearing a mask is compulsory.
  • People are seated in places that have been designated for them, either there are two meters between people, or they must wear a mask.
  • The aperitif should be taken at the table.
  • Limit of the event until midnigh.


The wearing of a mask is compulsory for those who supervise the event and those who circulate on the premises.

You will find on the link above the sanitary measures to respect in relation to the Covid-19, when organizing the events.

The point concerning the organization of Events is included under “What activities are allowed provided that the mask or physical distance are respected”.

We ask event organizers to remind and enforce the conditions mentioned under this point.