Don't forget to book your Sunday lunch! 


Don't forget to book your Sunday lunch! 



Parc Hotel Alvisse has undertaken a grand commitment to decrease its environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of the services it offers by investing in sustainable practices, collaborating with its customers and local suppliers. The hotel also invested in digitalization, such as daily hygiene tasks, by implementing a digital quality control system in various departmental services. Our hotel is compliant with the EcoLabel guidelines under the laws of Luxemburg.

The EcoLabel Luxembourg is the official Luxembourg label which certifies eco-responsible tourist accommodation at Luxembourg level. It is aimed at creating an environment that is eco-friendly in the tourism sector, such as:

Limiting consumption of water, energy and reducing waste production.

Determine substances and products harmful to the environment.

The hotel certifies its commitment on the following points:



General environmental management

Towel and Linen re-use program, client awareness, sustainable mobility program, general hygiene and digital quality control system (HACCP).

Energy consumption

Heating and cooling system, Energy management and thermal regulation, Insulation and ecological materials, Lights, Renewable energies, equipment’s, and pool.

Water consumption

Professional dosing system, water protection and cleaning products dilution, daily control of consumption.


Certified suppliers, food and drinks, green area. 

Waste management system

The hotel general recycling system (waste sorting), waste reduction.

Training and innovation

Digital system introduction, reports review, general hygiene, and environmentally friendly practices.



The hotel has placed a GREEN program to allow our clients to output on a daily towel and linen supply/change. The program also offers the possibility to customize supply days; the mentioned above can be done on our new website. The objective of this program is to reduce the usage of linen and towel supplies and promote sustainability.

The hotel has also invested in digitalization in its daily hygiene practices by implementing a digital food safety system that promotes daily cleaning tasks by monitoring daily cleaning and facilitating general (HACCP) procedures with a quality control unit. A fully automated fridge temperature control, and reporting system, lowering costs by limiting inventory risks and reducing waste with a fully automated data management system. A reduction has been recorded in both printing and general waste.

The hotel also invested in a sustainable mobility program by providing a bicycle renting system and encouraging clients to participate in environmentally friendly sports. We have formed partnership with companies such as Moyocci to help promote sustainability in tourism.

Among other things:

Customer awareness

Eco-friendly publication to help raise customer awareness about the environment.

Internal regulations amendment

An amendment was made to our internal regulations which also promotes sustainability and general hygiene.

Measurement of emissions of carbon

            Registration of carbon via Elco and Energolux.

Low-VOC paints



The Hotel has hugely invested in installing sustainable heating, air conditioning, and solar water heating systems for the outdoor swimming pools during the past years. Moreover, The Hotel has a centralized switch system that systematically turns off all energy by 90% in each room with a key card. LED-lit TVs have been installed to reduce energy consumption significantly. Our entrance is fully equipped with an automatic double door “airlock.” Our boiler is fitted with a control system that considers temperature variations according to the outside temperature, both day and night, summer/winter management.

Among other things:

Hot water tanks thermostat limited to 60degree, with isolated hot water pipes

Preventive maintenance program

  Regular controls of energy equipment and water supply to ensure a smooth operation.

Energy-efficient lighting with motion detector (LED)

More than 90% of the rooms are equipped with sensors.

A centralized automatic energy management system

Turns off heating and air conditions in unoccupied rooms and meeting rooms.

99% energy saving windows.

Certified energy saving gastronomic appliances



To reduce water consumption, Parc Hotel Alvisse has implemented regulators for the flow of water, detectors of leaks, automatic temperature adjustment of the thermostats and air conditioning. The Hotel has optimised the use of dishes and has implemented a unique treatment of water for the whole building. The Hotel has also implemented a cleaning data sheet listing all the products with a professional dosing system. The Hotel does not use products containing active chlorine such as bleach, sodium hypochlorite.

 Among other things:

Our rooms are ensuite with high quality and outstanding water

Efficient flow rate in all faucets

More than 90% of the faucets maintain a flow rate of 8 liters per minute.

Efficient shower flow rate in all bathrooms

More than 90% of the shower in the rooms maintain a flow rate of 8 litres per minute.

Efficient toilet water in both public and private restroom

More than 90% of all toilets consume a maximum of 6 liters peruse.



At the levels of its purchases of raw materials, the Hotel has formed partnerships with local producers and suppliers. We introduced new “Green Care” cleaning products to protect the environment. The Hotel uses 100% recyclable white printing paper. More than 80% of drinks, meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables are certified in Luxembourg and the greater region.

 Among other things:

Reusable tablecloths and placemats.

At least three food products are certified organic, fair trade

More than 90% of the cleaning products are certified

Visible product data sheet in all cleaning department



The hotel bar currently offers drinks served in reusable glass bottles taken back by the custodian, and we are also forgoing the sale and distribution of beverages can. The Hotel also provides bulk alternatives for all products presented in the breakfast. The Hotel also invested in a digital oil testing system that helps in reducing the frying oil waste with an automated oil testing thermometer.

For its waste policy, the Hotel introduced a separate collection with batteries, paper, glass, and empty cans containing dangerous goods and during the room cleaning process. We performed effective waste separation methods in all departments, including food waste, oil and drink, cardboard packaging, paper, ink, and toner cartridges. It has implemented monitoring of the consumption of paper in a reduction target.

 Among other things:

Waste assessment and monitoring process.

The facility has analyzed the estimated volume and type of waste it creates in order to know how to reduce it.

Recycle used cooking oil

            At least 90% of used cooking oil is recycled or used for biodiesel production

Secure hazardous materials disposalLike paint, printer cartridges, batteries and fluorescent light bulbs

Biodegradable products are composted on site or in off-site composting facilities

Organics are composted on-site or in off-site composting facilities.

Crockery and reusable cutlery

            90% of the dishes and cutlery are reusable



Parc hotel has set in place a training program to helps promote general hygiene and a sustainable environment. The aim is to promote sustainability awareness and strict hygiene procedures in all departments.

Introduction to the digital system, equipment, and cleaning product usage.

On-site training:  Staff learned how to use the new quality control unit and to eliminate the use of physical papers when practicing food safety procedures.

Material storage and general organization of articles.

On-site training:  The purpose of this training was to help increase the life span of articles used in both the kitchen and restaurant and to also keep track of all items to avoid unnecessary purchase and reduce the rate of defective article in the hotel by creating a dynamic and organised storage system

Introduction to the digital strategy and corrective action.

On-site training:  A further training about the quality control unit to help increase the general hygiene of the hotel and performing unplanned check.

Reviewing of monthly reports and implementing disciplinary actions.

On-site training:  The aim was to help detect weaknesses in a specific task and increase staff awareness in both general hygiene and sustainability.



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