Don't forget to book your Sunday lunch! 


Don't forget to book your Sunday lunch! 


Alvisse Parc Hotel Personal Data Management Policy

Our commitment to the protection of personal data stems from our desire to communicate with the users of the website in a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. In particular, we make it a matter of honour to respect their freedom, identity and dignity.

The principles set out below represent the ethical values shared by Alvisse Parc Hotel S.A. and all its employees and collaborators. They are applied to all the processing of personal data that the hotel accesses:

Loyale Collection

The storage of the personal data of the users of the site in our systems is subject to the clear will of the users to entrust us with this data. Under no circumstances will we collect them without first informing them.

Purpose of data processing: Our processing of personal data has clearly outlined and explained the purposes.

Relevant and appropriate data: Only strictly necessary data is collected and we strive to ensure that it is as up-to-date as possible.

Advance information: In order to ensure full transparency in the collection of user data, we inform you about its purpose and the type of rights you have.

Limited retention period: Personal data will not be kept beyond what is necessary; Retention periods vary depending on the type of data, the purpose of the processing and legal or regulatory requirements.

Control of our subcontractors: Some services or treatments may be outsourced. We take special care to ensure that these subcontractors are able to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data we entrust to them.


Our responsibility is to ensure that personal data is not subject to unwanted disclosure, so access to personal data in our systems is subject to strict implementation requirements. We are committed to providing an optimal level of protection against their loss, alteration or any attempt to destroy or distract them.

Individual rights: We implement the necessary equipment and processes that allow users to exercise their rights of access, rectification or opposition.

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